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Bendis & McGuinness to reveal how Thanos and Star-Lord escaped the Cancerverse and Richard Rider’s fate!

May 5th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Marvel’s current event series “Original Sin,” which is about the Watcher’s death leading to the revelation of multiple long-kept secrets, provides Marvel an opportunity to revisit multiple points in the Marvel Universe’s past.

We already shared how the event affects Thor, Loki and Asgard as well as Peter Parker, now writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Ed McGuinness will reveal something Marvel cosmic fans, myself included have been wondering for quite some time.

How exactly did Star-Lord and Thanos escape the Cancerverse at the end of  “The Thanos Imperative?”

Bendis spoke with about how “Original Sin” will affect the Guardians of the Galaxy:

“‘Original Sin’ has been planned for years, so I was very aware that this would be the perfect place to unveil this storyline. I know waiting for this was frustrating for some longtime readers, but every story comes at its own time.”

“I have known exactly what we were doing with this from the moment I agreed to do the book, but I thought it would be best to slow burn the reveal and get any potential new readers — which I am so happy that we have so many — involved in this story, which they may not have read during the previous ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ run. Now, not only does this reveal answer a question for diehard readers, it also tells something about the characters to the newer readers.”

Nova Richard Rider was stuck in the Cancerverse as well. Unlike the other two, Rider has not been seen since. When Bendis was asked whether fans would find out about Rider’s fate:

“Absolutely. A one hundred percent yes.”

On working with Ed McGuinness:

“I’m so excited to work with him. For years [writer] Jeph Loeb would not let anybody near Ed. He brings a very powerful dynamic and an almost Kirby like ambience to the entire production. This is a very larger-than-life story with a very larger-than-life cast of characters, so Ed is the perfect candidate.:

Guardians of the Galaxy  #18 is scheduled for release in August.



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