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Everything You Need to Know About Counter-Strike (CS:GO)

July 28th, 2022 by Clark Kent Comments

Today, CS:GO (or CSGO) has become one of the best and most popular eSports games. CSGO won the “Best eSports Game” at The Game Awards in 2017, 2019, and 2022 shows. In addition, this is one of the best PC games with the best updates for 2022.

Whether you’re new to the game or simply want to familiarize yourself with the game before going after CSGO odds, learning the basics always helps.

The Gameplay

CSGO has certain levels, but it’s not a pay-to-win game. At first glance, it looks like a simple FPS game.

There are two opposing teams:

  1. Terrorists
  2. Counter-terrorists

Both teams compete to complete goals, like securing a location to plant or defuse a bomb or capturing or protecting hostages. Each short round ends with rewarding players with in-game currency according to their performance. You can spend this currency on utility or weapons in other rounds.

Winning rounds earn you even more rewards than losing does. You get additional cash bonuses by killing enemies.

But you’ll discover its deep, professional levels as you switch to its unique gaming mode, Bomb Defusal.

CSGO Game Modes

The game has a total of nine different modes, including the following:

  • Competitive: In this mode, you play different levels, and who gets to 16 rounds first is the winner. Seven maps in this mode are Nuke, Dust 2, Vertigo, Train, Overpass, Inferno, and Mirage.
  • Casual: You are playing against ten opponents. 
  • Deathmatch: In this mode, you get everything for free. But, CSGO uses collections points in this mode. 
  • Arms Race: You get a random weapon. Once you kill someone with it, you get another one. 
  • Demolition: It’s a mixture of Arms Race and the casual game mode. 
  •  Wingman: Try this mode if you don’t want to play in a competitive mode as a team of four players. 
  • Flying Scoutsman: You get only an SSG 08 and a knife on a low-gravity map. 
  • Retakes: This mode is a round to retake or defend the bomb location. 
  • Danger Zone: This battle-royale mode consists of 18 players searching for equipment, weapons, and money to be the last team or person remaining.

Weapons in CSGO are categorized into four groups, including Rifles, Pistols, Heavy weapons, and SMGs. In addition, a single kill rewards you with a particular weapon. Finally, when it comes to skins, you can choose from gray, light blue, dark blue, red, pink, gold, and purple. All of this makes CSGO a popular and fun game to play.

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