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After The Flash, the DCEU will be a very different place… and here’s how that might look

April 18th, 2021 by Marc Comments

While we know that The Flash movie is finally starting to film in London (still can’t believe we’re finally writing this), we still don’t know how crazy things are going to get.

But we do know that after it, the DCEU may never be the same again.

The movie will introduce the Multiverse to the DC cinematic adventures, building on the work The CW did with their Crisis on Infinite Earth crossover (see video below), and is planned to feature both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton as their respective versions Batman/Bruce Wayne.

But after it, it seems that we will have a clearer idea of what the DCEU will look like, moving forward.

A new report from THR notes that “DC is plotting its films and shows to share the same universe” and that The Flash “will tackle the multiverse and is said to also lend clarity to the future of the Justice League.” 

However, the report didn’t go into what exactly this means.

But… a second report has emerged that seems to know exactly what this means and where the Justice League is heading.

following on Grant Morrison’s comic series The Multiversity  which introduced Justice Incarnate, it seems that the future of the DCEU may involve characters from various universes coming together periodically to save the world/universe/multiverse etc.

This is similar, as noted above, to what we saw in The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths where we saw characters from all over the Multiverse come together to save the day.

Only in this case, rather than characters from around the Arrowverse (and beyond) it will be made up of characters from the worlds of  JJ Abrams, Matt Reeves and Zack Snyder.

What does this mean? Well, it’s likely, for a start that Robert Pattinson will become the DCEU’s replacement for Ben Affleck. However, that doesn’t mean that we couldn’t see HBO Max or even theatrical returns of Affleck or even Keaton at some stage in the future.

The report believes that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman will remain but will be joined by a new Superman; this will likely be JJ Abrams’ new Superman who is likely to be played by a black actor and will be Calvin Ellis rather than Clark Kent. Again, this means that Henry Cavill’s Superman could, hypothetically, still be out there and could return at some stage in the future.

This report also claims that the new Blue Beetle (here) and Sasha Calle (who is in London at the minute for The Flash) as Supergirl (here) will be part of the new Justice League.

Interestingly, it also notes that in all its heard, Ezra Miller’s Flash hasn’t been mentioned and it’s being speculated that perhaps in the movie his Barry Allen may sacrifice himself and be replaced by either a new actor/version or someone will Wally West or Bart Allen, both other versions of Flash in the comics.

“The full line-up for the new Justice League isn’t solidified yet, but the approach is becoming clearer yet oddly more blurry,” notes the scoop..

This will ultimately mean that all the characters can have their own adventures and not be reliant on connectivity but can then be brought together for events ie Justice League movies.

Could the reports we’ve been hearing that Matt Reeves, JJ Abrams and James Gunn will be the guiding forces of the DCEU moving forward turn out to be true? Makes us wonder if we might see Joaquin Phoenix in a crossover movie at some stage too?

I honestly don’t know if this all sounds great or terrible… but maybe after The Flash we’ll have a clearer idea where this is all heading. Or maybe not. Who knows?

The Flash is set to release on November 4th, 2022.

Sources: THR and Geekosity

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