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Emma Roberts would like to return to the Scream franchise…

July 15th, 2022 by Marc Comments

We have been a little obsessed for a while now about how Matthew Lillard’s Stu could come back as a killer in a future Scream movie (here), given how he’s been hinted as being still alive in the fifth movie recently (here) and he was originally meant to be the killer in Scream 3 but now it seems that Lillard isn’t the only killer with an eye on returning to Woodsboro to get a few more victims on the scoreboard.

In a new interview American Horror Story star Emma Roberts, who played the cousin of Neve Campbell’s Sydney Prescot, Jill Roberts in Scream 4 was asked if there were any of her franchises she’d like to revisit and her answer was Scream.

The actress said: “Maybe I’d go back to Scream, I feel like I wasn’t done with Scream.” 

We recently learned that Scream 4’s Kirby Reed, played by Hayden Panettiere, would be returning to the franchise for the upcoming sixth installment, and, on top of this, Roberts has a good reason to feel like she ‘wasn’t done with Scream’.

Writer and creator of the franchise Kevin Willaimson originally discussed his plans for Scream 5 before the death of the director of the first four movies Wes Craven, and revealed that Jill didn’t die at the end of the fourth movie and was set to return for a big comeback: “Jill went to college, and then murders started on the campus. And it was a killer who knew she was the killer from the last film,” says Williamson.

“So the killer kept trying to expose her, so she would have to kill to keep it covered up. So it was killer meets killer. And Sidney was a professor at that school.”

How exactly this would have happened, given that she was known to be the killer in Scream 4 is beyond us but we’re guessing that perhaps she wasn’t unmasked in the original plan; whatever the case, Roberts was part of a long-term plan that sadly never came to be.

I really liked Jill in the fourth movie and would be interested to see her return… perhaps she and Stu could team up and go after previous survivors of the Ghostface killings? Stu originally was to be in prison after the first movie and orchestrating events with a team of Ghostface killers at his command before being revealed as the villain again… perhaps he could learn about Jill and propose they team up to get Sydney? After all, she survived both their efforts.

Anyway, it’s all speculation at this stage but I love the possibility that these two are still out there in the Scream universe, waiting to return to dispose of Sydney once and for all… or to try at least.


Source: Dreadcentral

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