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Justice League has a few cool hidden characters that you’ll need to be on the lookout for…

November 27th, 2017 by Marc Comments

If there’s one thing we love it’s a good Easter Egg. No, not the chocolate ones – although we love those too – but ones in movies that make us go ‘ooooooooooooh…’.

And it looks like Justice League has several such treats (we wouldn’t rule out more being found as time goes one).

The first, in fairness, is a pretty easily spotted one.


So, at the end of the movie, before the credits role, we get a montage of all the League heroes, changed by the events of the movie and becoming the heroes we all know and love proper. One of the scenes features a woman in red who has been foiled while committing a robbery by Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman:

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So, if you watch the scene closely, you will see that the item that Wonder Woman is holding is a statue of a cat…

So, this could well mean that the woman in red is none other than Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman. We love this!

However, some people have pointed out that, given it’s Wonder Woman, it’s also possible that this is actually Barbara Ann Minerva, Cheetah (or one of the previous Cheetahs), another feline-themed villain from the DC Comics and a nemesis of Wonder Woman’s. This would make sense, given that Cheetah has been rumoured to be set for Wonder Woman 2 and also as the character has some ties to the Injustice League, which has been hinted at in the movie too (here). Whoever the lady is, we reckon she isn’t in there for no reason…

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Next up is a more obscure one, but no less exciting…

On the Reddit forum for the DC movies, a reader caught this little gem:

The name circled appears on the STAR Labs computer used by Cyborg’s father, Silas Stone, in Justice League – his name is at the top of the screen – and reads: Choi, Ryan.


Well, in the comics Ryan Choi is a pupil of Ray Palmer’s – Palmer is the best known incarnation of The Atom (helped greatly by his appearance in Legends of Tomorrow played by Brandon Routh – and Choi himself becomes the fourth Atom, gifted with the tech and ability to shrink to microscopic size.

It’s a nice little nod to the comics and a character who has longstanding connections to the Justice League. It also could mean that, while we doubt it’ll have a big impact anytime soon, if ever, Ray Palmer probably exists in this universe.

This all reminds us of THIS story from Batman V Superman which confirmed that Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow exists in the DC Cinematic Universe too.

So, how about a final group appearance?

One of the most epic scenes in the movie involves an ancient battle between Steppenwolf and the armies of Man, Amazons and Atlanteans… but in there we also see some of the old gods:

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So here we see Ares, the villain from the Wonder Woman standalone movie, along with DC Comics’ famous Artemis, an Amazon warrior who is an ally to Wonder Woman, and the god Zeus who is seen in the movie hurling thunderbolts at the invading Parademons – you all still with us?

However, one of the best cameos in the scene was of a Green Lantern.

Now, while it’s possible the Lantern shown is an unnamed alien, it’s also likely that it is indeed a character well known from the Green Lantern mythology.

Yes, fans have pointed out that this is most likely Yalan Gur who, in the comics, was a Lantern 2,000 years ago and was the protector of Space Sector 2814 (earth and surrounding planets if you will).

Now, in the comics Gur was corrupted by the Yellow Impurity and was killed in a battle with the Guardians of the Universe, however fans believe that his fate was different in the movie universe, having been killed by Steppenwolf instead.

As for where that ring went? Well… perhaps some day we’ll find out for sure.

So, did we miss any? We’re sure we did… if you know (or suspect) of any then please let us know: we love this stuff!

You can watch the Green Lantern V Steppenwolf scene below:

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