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Margot Robbie to Play Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad Movie?

November 10th, 2014 by Todd Black 2 Comments

It’s official, Harley Quinn IS in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, and she’ll be played by Margot Robbie according to Collider.

We really hope this is true…

Harley Quinn is a mega-popular character from the Batman universe, mainly because she truly began in the epic Batman: The Animated Series. Her transition from TV to comics was near flawless, and she’s been a part of the Batman universe ever since. When the New 52, DC’s reboot of their comics, began she became the newest and most shocking member of the Suicide Squad. Fans agreed with the new take on the character, as when this movie was announced they wondered if she would be in it.

Harley was also in the latest Batman animated movie Assault on Arkham, where she was a part of the Suicide Squad. The only true question now is whether the Joker, who is rumored to be played by Jared Leto, will appear as well. Rumors say yes, but nothing is certain as of yet.

Regardless, this is huge news, and will bring a lot of buzz to the movie when it lands in 2016.

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