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Rumor: New Episode VII Scenes/Characters Described!

October 1st, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Over at Star Wars Episode VII News messageboards, someone “in-the-know” posted some very detailed scene/character descriptions.


A member of the messageboard – otherwise know as The Cantina who goes by the username of King3000 appears to be in-the-know regarding some very descriptive details of several scenes and characters in Episode VII. Here are the details he posted on a few scenes:

Cantina Scene.

“Daisy Ridley arrives to Cantina in search of Han or Luke, I believe. She is confronted by an alien, she lifts her blaster to him, he then takes it from her hand “Don’t point a blaster at someone if you are not going to use it” and points it at her. At this point Chewie (With arm Bandaged/In a Sling) intimidates the alien, “What good is a one armed wookie” Chewie then rips the guy’s arm off and hands the blaster back to Daisy. Ford was not present at filming this, BUT……….

“Cut to the outside of the Cantina as a Planet/Moon is blown up outside, Han is present here (Wearing a thin cut, waist length leather jacket, boots etc, a “Matching outfit”) oh and he still has his blaster 🙂 I don’t know if he has just arrived to meet up with Daisy and Chewie, but he is cutting through the crowd of onlookers as everyone is witnessing the destruction of “Whatever” was blown up in the sky.”

Note, not 100% sure if Boyega was in the scene but he was present, wearing “Rags” or “Untidy” Clothes.”

King3000 also described a Stormtrooper helmet that he claims to have seen himself. A few weeks ago the first Stormtrooper images were leaked and there were reports that the new black helmet was reminiscent of the Tie Fighter pilots helmet, with some slight changes. Here is what he said: “The Character I “Photoshopped” from memory in my Avatar is an ex Stormtrooper, he wears an original ANH Helmet painted black, which is battle damaged, has a pipe coming from the breathing part connected to something I believe on his back.

“There is a leather band holding “Ammo” to the side of his helmet, and 5 or 6 Aurebesh Symbols on his helmet.”

“He wears a Large Fur coat, has a Staff and a blaster and holster across his chest. I have seen this Helmet with my own eyes and its 100% real.” 

And couple small things:

Nien Numb is a returning character.”

“Seems as is already known Ralph MQuarrie’s concept art is being heavily used, 3 of these “Wolf” Characters have been “lurking” around set.”

“And lots of little people.”

Later after being bombarded with questions from other members, King3000 made some more clarifications:

On the blown Moon:

“Not sure what it was exactly just people were told to react as if a planet was blown up, but there was a huge bluescreen out the back of Pinewood, I don’t know if the terrain there “Slabbed floors and grass” will be in shot, could give an idea to which planet this is happening on?”

“This specific scene was shot weeks apart, the interior was done before Harrison was back and the exterior done when he was back, see I have only been told aobut this by someone on production, so I don’t know if they are going to digitally insert Han into the interior shot or if Daisy was looking for him and he arrived outside just as the object in the sky was destroyed.”

“Originally I was told she was looking for Luke, or I may have remembered this wrong xD but seems it was Han she may have been in search of and when she “found” him he was not in the Cantina but Chewie was.” 

“Oh and not 100% sure if Boyega was in the scene as I was not told of his role, but he was on this set in costume on both dates I was told this, so he probably was with Daisy.”

“All I was told is that he looks like the has been “Dragged off the street and put on set” apparently is very rags looking.”

“I am more inclined to believe it was set on the same planet where the Greenham Common filming happened, this was something I specifically asked “What does the terrain look like” I was told “Just the back of Pinewood, slabs, grass etc” this is total specualtion and piecing together by me, I am wondering if something was destroyed in the air (be it planet, moon etc) as a Warning shot of some sort for the rebels on that planet. Either way one thing is for sure and I am unwavered about this, whoever the bad guys are, they got firepower.”

On the guy with the helmet:

“I know its not Boyega under the helmet, the actor is a white guy. But the other stuff you posted seems good, this film is drenched in Ralph MQuarrie and throwbacks, by the sounds of it, but also moving forward with new characters and concepts.”

“Something else small I remembered, this character from Jabbas palace is said to be in the film (Hermi Odle). At first thought, I think they may have meant the guy from the Abu Dhabi filming. But I was told he has one arm longer and one foot longer than the other. Also he seems to be a “Butcher” or run a “Meat Stall” at a market.”

Either this guy has an extremely vivid imagination or he has been looking at one or more of the several rumoured leaked scripts, as it seems highly unlikely this particular member has made this whole thing up.

We still remain slightly skeptical, and are treating this as a rumour for now. We advise you do the same due to all the misleading information currently circulating. As always though, we will keep you posted.

In unrelated spoilerific rumourish news, Making Star Wars have some supposed information on Daisy Ridley’s place of residence in the new movie and it ties into the At-At foot that popped up a while back (here): This is her home, the wreckage of years of intergalactic warfare. The legs of the AT-AT are partially obscured by sand at the “ankles” but pop out at the feet. This walker has been there for some time and nature has began to take the machine into the earth. The AT-AT lays on its left side, its head leveled by the dirt from which its head smashed into during a battle some time ago. The right side of the body of the AT-AT faces upwards, battle scared, shot by many laser blasts which no doubt brought the machine down. Battle wreckage is littered all around the fallen beast. This is the dwelling of the new hero from Star Wars: Episode VII.

So she lives in an AT-AT Walker’s foot… ok, works for us. And could be very cool to look at.



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