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RUMOUR: Grant Gustin to replace Ezra Miller as the big screen Flash

February 25th, 2023 by Marc Comments

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that The Flash (movie) star Ezra Miller has had a mental few years with all sorts of legal issues and accusations and it seems likely that after the Flash movie hits in June, Miller will be recast – like Batman, Superman and others – in the DCEU.

At the end of the day, Warner Bros aren’t going to want someone as controversial as Miller involved in the DCEU – DCU now – going forward.

So, in comes a new rumor that, while we doubt it has any legs, is certainly worth considering.

On the small screen, The Flash series is currently filming its last ever episode after nine years and the new rumour is that the movie Flash will be the TV Flash moving forward… yes, the rumour is that Grant Gustin will step up to play Barry Allen/The Flash after Ezra Miller’s departure.

So, how might this happen? Well, it’s widely believed that the movie will be a fairly loose adaptation of the Flashpoint story in the comics which saw Flash run back in time to save his mother from being murdered and, in doing so, changes the whole universe/world/multiverse, resulting in new versions of familiar faces, stories, places etc. This is likely how we will have a new face of the DC Universe, so there’s no reason why this couldn’t see Flash changing too, resulting in Gustin – or whoever – stepping up.

In a recent video, scooper and movie reviewer John Campea tells that a “little birdie” told him of the new casting choice but admits he’s skeptical himself.

“Could we, by the end of The Flash movie, literally see a new performer in the role of Barry Allen AKA The Flash?” Campea asks in the video.

” have never thought so, but I’m going to let you guys in on something and this is something that, for the record, I do not buy into, alright? But I’m going to let you guys know about this, just because it’s fun for the topic of conversation. I’ve had a little bird told me and I’m sure this little bird is also telling a few other people, so you’re probably going to see this pop up over the next day or two around some other places as well that, just a short version, Grant Gustin, who plays The Flash in the television series The Flash is going to be the new Flash of the DC Universe.”

Now, we’ve known for some time that there’s a good chance Gustin would have a cameo in the movie but now it seems that it may be more than just a rumour.

Now, I know that Gusting, despite the series becoming pretty bad in recent years, is a fan favourite and there has been calls for him to replace Miller and there’s also a chance that this rumour has been planted to see if it gains traction and to see how fans react but honestly, like Campea, I cannot see this being true; I imagine that, if Miller is recast, it will be a new face… but it’s DC and at the minute nothing would surprise me.

What do you think? Would you like to see Gustin step into the shoes of Miller going forward or is it rime for a new face altogether?

Meanwhile, check out that time that the two Flashes met on The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths TV events a couple of years back.

The Flash movie hits ciemas on June 16th.

Source: The Direct

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