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Scream [5] hints that Stu Macher is still alive and not only that but Matthew Lillard is in the movie!

January 29th, 2022 by Marc Comments

Less than two weeks ago we did a fun story about how Scream 5 confirms a fan-favorite character is still alive in the Scream universe (here).

But now it seems the new movie may hint that one of the franchise’s biggest characters is still out there.

in the earlier article we explained how, in the movie, a YouTube page confirms that Hayden Panettiere’s Kirby from Scream 4 survived her ordeal and is still alive and well and now it seems that YouTube channel may have revealed an even bigger revelation… Matthew Lillard’s Stu Macher may be alive and well after Neve Campbell’s Sidney dropped a TV on his head in the first movie.

Not too long ago we created a whole breakdown about how Lillard’s Macher may still be the villain in Scream [5], from the fact that he was meant to be the villain in Scream 3 originally, to the fact that Lillard can be seen in Scream 2 (here)!

But now, in universe, there’s a possibility that he is alive still.

Discovered by YouTube channel Beyond the Mask, sharp-eyed viewers spotted this gem on YouTube in the movie:

In case you’re having problems reading that, it says EP118: Did the real-life Stu Macher survive?

Now, obviously, this isn’t confirmation that Stu is still out there – likely in prison – but it certainly lays breadcrumbs that some people thing in-universe Stu is alive and, not only that, it slyly opens the door for Lillard’s return to the role that, 25 years later, is still an absolute fan-favourite.

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Not only that, but Matthew Lillard is actually IN Scream [5]!

Yes, following the tradition of having Lillard involved in the movie, it turns out that Lillard played Ghostface in the movie. Sort of.

In the movie we see a trailer for Stab 8 – the movies within the movies that are about the Woodsboro murders – and we see that, rather than stabbing his/her victims, Ghostface in the trailer has a metal mask, left, and is using a flame thrower to off the poor buggers.

And yes, this version of Ghosface was played but Stu Macher himself, Matthew Lillard.

And I refuse to believe that the people behind the movie aren’t familiar with the fans’ hoping that Stu will somehow return and this is all part of the fun of keeping that dream alive.

What say you all? Do you think Stu should come back? Let me know…

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