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SDCC: Guillermo del Toro talks about Pacific Rim 2 and Justice League Dark!

July 27th, 2014 by Jake Tanner Comments

Guillermo del Toro has been very open about his future plans as of late and he’s sat down with multiple sources at SDCC 2014 to talk about the upcoming movies Pacific Rim 2 and Justice League Dark!

“I’m still working on it,” del Toro said. “Sandman doesn’t figure in the Dark Universe. We have Deadman, we have the Demon, we have Swamp Thing, we have Zatana, we have Constantine, but DC and Warners have been very clear that they are trying to keep those properties separate so when the time comes they can unite them, once they know they’re quantifiable. Batman, Superman, Green Lantern… everyone eventually will come together. Right now, they’re allowing us independence.”  

When someone mentioned the Constantine TV show, it was asked if JLD would tie into the show at all:

“No, I had that conversation when the Constantine show was pitched. I said, ‘Do I have to have continuity with that?’ and they said, ‘No, feel free to continue the way you’re going.”

“Swamp Thing for me is my favorite superhero of all times. I always like the monsters,” he said.

Speaking of monsters, Pacific Rim was the sleeper hit of the year when it came out and people are screaming for a sequel. “We’re going to shoot part of Pacific Rim 2 in several locations so it’s not as set-driven as the first movie. We want to use locations and exteriors a lot more, and daylight. I’m trying to make a movie that feels like a direct continuation of the first one but it also brings a lot of stuff that is new.”

I’m so happy that we’ll be getting a JLD movie! Swamp Thing is one of my favorite characters in the DCU! What do you guys think of this news? Let me know in the comments below!

HUGE thanks to IGN and Superhero Hype for the scoop!

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