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Speculation: Could Sony’s Black and Silver and Venom movies be part of the MCU after all?

May 30th, 2017 by Marc Comments

So we know that the Sony Spider-man Cinematic Universe (without Spider-man) is a big thing at the minute with Tom Hardy signing on to play Venom and the Silver Sable and Black Cat movie (Black and Silver) getting a director.

And it’s a disappointing part of the developments that these characters are definitely not part of the MCU.

But that’s still the case, right?

Well, yeah, it is… however, it’s a slow news night so we’ve decided to look at new developments and ask if these movies could actually be connected to the MCU.

An new rumoured plot for Black and Silver has landed online:

Seven years after Mendel Stromm (a.k.a. Robot Master) and his two henchmen (The Scorpion and The Tarantula) killed her father, Silver Sable is hired by the government to find Felicia Hardy. The Black Cat, a master hacker and thief, has apparently stolen valuable secret information. She’s hiding in the lawless and dangerous triple frontier area between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. 

Once there, Sable ask her old contact Dmitri Smerdyakov (a.k.a. The Chameleon) to locate her. But it seems, the government are not the only ones looking for the Black Cat. It seems Felicia had made a deal Stromm to save her father from a Russian prison and she’s been genetically enhanced. Now, the mad scientist wants his prized experiment back because his financier (cough Norman Osborn cough) wants a return on his investment.

There’s no appearance or mention of Peter Parker or Spider-Man.

Also in the story: Dominic Fortune, Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman), Roxxon Oil, Sergei Kravinoff (Kraven the Hunter), Lonnie Lincoln (Tombstone) and Charles Standish.

So, here’s the thing… firstly, not MCU related, this movie definitely seems like it could be a spin-off from Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-man movies starring Andrew Garfield (which we know was set to happen a few years ago before Spidey headed over to the MCU). It features Medel Stromm, Felicia Hardy and Oscorp, all of which were set up in those two earlier movies.

However, moving into the MCU, here’s a few thoughts:

A large number of Spidey bad guys are rumoured to appear including Dmitri Smerdyakov (The Chameleon), Lonnie Lincoln (Tombstone), and Sergei Nikolaevich Kravinoff (Kraven). On top of this, Oscorp and Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) will feature strongly.

Also, the new writer and director of Black and Silver is Gina Prince-Bythewood who is currently directing some episodes of the MCU show Cloak and Dagger, so there’s a connection right away.

The story is rumoured to include Dominic Fortune and  Spider-woman, Jessica Drew, neither of which are thought to be Spider-man characters as they didn’t debut in the Spidey comics. This would mean that, should they appear, it will be with the help of Marvel themselves.

Some of our readers might recall that Fortune was cast in the Agents of SHIELD cancelled spin-off Marvel’s Most Wanted and was set to be played by the great Delroy Lindo. This would, if true, mean that Marvel, who have the rights to that character, are either keeping him as part of the MCU or they’ve given him over to Sony.

Also, it seems Roxxon is mentioned too… fans of the MCU will know that Roxxon is a big connecting part of the MCU.

Roxxon is in Iron Man 2 – as a sponsor of one of the cars in the Monaco Grand Prix, it returned in Iron Man 3 when one of its tankers spilled oil off the coast of Florida, and its accountant was murdered by Ben Kingsley’s The Mandarin.

It is also there if you look hard enough in Avengers, the Netflix shows, Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD, so if it IS name dropped then it’s a definite connection to the MCU.

Of course, some of you will recall as similar connection between Deadpool and the MCU when the final fight in Deadpool took place on a Helicarrier (the big flying ships used in the MCU by SHIELD) but couldn’t openly admit that much.

So if this report is on the money we could have a series of movies that will be – at least spiritually – related to the MCU.

It’s interesting, or rather it WILL be interesting to see if any of this pans to to be true.

But it’s always fun to have a little speculation, isn’t it? And remember, if this IS true then Tom Hardy’s Venom is out there in Tom Holland’s Spider-man world. Isn’t that an exciting thought?

Source: Splash Report via Omega Underground

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