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Tarkin set for Rogue One? Here’s his brief history in Star Wars so far…

December 9th, 2016 by Walter Laufer Comments
The two second glimpse of that figure in the latest tv spot “Breath” for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (below) raises a very old hope that somehow the iconic character played by the late and great Peter Cushing (d. 1994) will somehow make a critical appearance on the silver screen.
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The character appears as an increasingly important figure in the animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars and particularly within the story arc of Star Wars: Rebels (beautifully annunciated in both series by Stephen Stanton) and though Wayne Pygram – who played Scorpius on the “Farscape” tv series – played a brief cameo at the end of Revenge of the Sith…
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departing the bridge as the two Sith Lords survey the preliminary stages of the Death Star’s construction, not having Tarkin at this dark time in galactic history, is unlikely given the James Luceno’s fine book “Tarkin” and now “Catalyst”. It’s impossible now to imagine an Empire without this Grand Moff of the Outer Rim Territories taking the helm. (Continues after pic)
Of course, CGI is thought to be the solution, but we really don’t need another Tron Legacy. I have always imagined that Guy Henry who once was mentioned on IMDB as simply an “Imperial Officer” and has now disappeared from the database to be perfect for the role. (Continues after pic)
Snoke in the Shadows? 2nd DraftHaving played the machiavellian Minister of Magic Pius Thicknesse in the “Harry Potter” franchise, he also plays on the UK tv series “Holby City” as the uncompromising medical bureaucrat Henrik Hannsen. Not only with his tall (6’4”) gait and gaunt features does he physically resemble the quintessentially urbane Cushing, I believe, Guy Henry, with proper make up, lines of script and direction authentically capture the essence of the cold and menacing character. Let’s hold our breath that casting directors hold sway over CGI supervisors.

Interestingly a new ‘leak’ on Reddit has named Henry as playing Governor Tarkin in the movie. So it looks like he’s back in full, em, Force and we called it waaaaaaay back in January (here)

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