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WATCH: The Death of Superman Lives gets a proper trailer

July 25th, 2014 by Ciaran McNulty Comments

So, it’s really happened. Jon Schnepp’s Kickstarter-funded documentary about the Superman flick that could’ve been, is set to be released and comes complete with an eye-fattening new trailer.

The previous trailer was a teaser to get the funds to put the thing together and therefore had the feel of a fan-made youtube tribute with patched together snippets of interviews from different sources. And that’s why this trailer satisfies our appetites in such a gut-busting manner.

Schnepp has completely fulfilled on his promise, with stills and clips that we never thought we’d see and interviews galore – including screenwriter Kevin Smith and, in a very pleasant surprise, director Tim Burton.

Superman Lives seems like it would not have been a good movie but, as with Lost In La Mancha, it seems we may get a good viewing experience out of it, simply because it wasn’t made. Here’s to the ‘Jodorowsky’s Dune’ of the superhero world.

‘The Death of Superman Lives’ has a release date of August 1st on IMDb.

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