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THE FTN BLOG: (10/03/13)

March 10th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Welcome to the second Nerd blog and it’s been a quiet week in the world of Nerdville. And if you believe that then you’ll believe that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan in the forthcoming Star trek Into Darkness movie.

While Justin Beiber fought the paparazzi, Sam Mendes refused to direct the next Bond and Guy Ritchie is now in the running (here), new Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire posters were released (here), Sam Raimi showed he could conjure a coin from nowhere to ti- in with the upcoming Oz movie and a new Iron Man trailer blew us all away (here). We drooled at the sight of multiple Iron Men taking to the skies while groaned at the new changes coming to Facebook-again.

In other movie corners, Steven Spielberg proved he was still a legend when he personally sent a note of encouragement to a young film maker in India. She said her knees were shaking when she got it; no harm to you girl, they’d have been scraping me off the carpet for a fortnight. We got our first Hangover 3 trailer (here) while Leonardo DiCaprio showed that, while he wasn’t hanging off the bough of a doomed ship, he does an uncanny Jack Nicholson impression. Hmm, there could be a conspiracy theory there.

In more grounded stuff, it was claimed the real cause of the Hindenburg fire disaster had been discovered while a private company want a married couple whose love is so strong to travel in a ship out to Mars for sixteen months (here). Me thinks plenty of contraceptive and Prozac is needed for that one. Where are Scott and Charlene when you need them? Or Rose and the Doctor; oh wait they’ve probably been to Mars. And it was revealed that an exact replica of the Titanic is being built alike in every detail to the original which will set sail from Southampton in 2016. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be buying a ticket (here).

Speaking of our favourite red planet, Doctor Who fans went gaga over the new look Ice Warrior design (below) released during the week. Gone are their clamp hands and normal hands have sprouted. But they look very cool…..well I had to get that in. And just to settle an argument that Nerds have had; their outer shell is indeed armour and they are reptilian underneath. But they have never been seen without their helmets just like Dredd; if you don’t count Stallone that is which most people don’t but I do. Most of the new episode titles have been released bar the two final ones. Elsewhere on the time vortex front, a three day anniversary celebration was announced to take place in London over the actual show’s birthday. My saving tin has already begun. The Emperor himself, Ian McDiarmid, will be appearing at the Star Wars Celebration Europe but I’m going with the Doctor. He’s cool you know.

On television the Walking Dead gets grimmer, Being Human is about to end forever. But why? This is drama at it’s best and guess who had a chat with the Devil himself. Yeah, well they do say I’ll talk to anybody – full interview coming tomorrow. Over on the Vampire Diaries the race to find the cure for vampirism hots up but the price for Elena’s restoration to human will be hell on Earth with the rise of Silas. With so many vampires out to get it for themselves, will Damon and Stefan really sacrifice everything for their true love? This is the show you should be watching. Quality acting, great story lines and cliff-hangers and the stakes, if you excuse the pun, have never been higher. Tune it, you’ll be sorry if you don’t.

But the real news of the week was the sudden vibration recorded by scientists which travelled the world. It was apparently every Star Wars fan on the planet having a nerdgasm to the news that, when asked was she back in the new Star Wars movies, Carrie Fisher said ‘yes’. Then she said she was joking but then it was said they were in final negotiations as was Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. That caused a second tremor in the collective force that is Wars but the scientists knew what it was this time. So it really seems that the big three will be back – and this from George Lucas himself (here). But I can’t help feeling that these are going to be the movies that should have been made instead of the prequels. And with the classic trio in their pensionable years, will it be wheelies instead of landspeeders? Will the iconic gold bikini be replaced by a roll on? Will Jabba have been on the Atkin’s Diet? Whatever happens, you can be sure we’ll be meeting the offspring of the Solos and Skywalkers. Will they be the new hope for the galaxy or the beginning for the rise of a new reign of Sith? For someone that rolled his eyes when he heard there were going to be new Star Wars movies, I had a tremor or two myself.

Til next week, may the Force be with you…


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