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Zack Snyder’s vision for The Justice League will remain despite all the reshoots

August 27th, 2017 by Marc Comments

Can we please just try to relax and – gasp! – wait until we see the movie?!

Affleck talks Batman and his ‘more traditional’ role in Justice League

August 16th, 2017 by Marc Comments

A little less… murdery?

Details emerge on Cyborg’s solo movie and Justice League appearance

August 16th, 2017 by Dave Bowling Comments

Avengers assemble! Oh right…

Flying fortresses, Parademons, Flash and reshoots… all the latest Justice League news

August 13th, 2017 by Marc Comments

To coin a phrase… this is rumour control. Here are the facts.

WATCH Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller get so excited over their Justice League figures… of themselves as Cyborg and Flash!

August 4th, 2017 by Marc Comments

Honestly, we’re loving these two!

WATCH: Justice League gets a new trailer (sort of)

August 3rd, 2017 by Marc Comments

Shorter, more concise…

Loads of new Justice League merchandise and images appear online…

August 2nd, 2017 by Marc Comments

Something of a mixed bag, really…

Justice League reshoots: A tangle of rewrites, scheduling issues and moustaches

July 24th, 2017 by Marc Comments

And just how much (and what sort of) credit should Joss Whedon get?

SPOILERS: Does this solve the mystery of who Alfred talks to in the Justice League trailer?

July 23rd, 2017 by Marc Comments

It makes sense…

SDCC 2017: A massive Batman universe is coming! Geoff Johns is working on Wonder Woman 2 and Joss Whedon will be making Batgirl next year

July 22nd, 2017 by Marc Comments

All the great news!

SDCC 2017: WATCH: Four minutes of Justice League!? Check out this trailer!

July 22nd, 2017 by Marc Comments

WATCH: And Breathe! A four minute Justice League trailer!? Check out this awesomeness from SDCC 2017! It’s soooo very, very beautiful!

SDCC 2017: New banner and poster arrive for Justice League

July 22nd, 2017 by Marc Comments

You can’t save the world alone…

SDCC 2017: Did Jason Momoa hint at Green Lantern news tonight?

July 22nd, 2017 by Marc Comments

In darkness night? Well, tonight hopefully…

We hate to write this, but is Ben Affleck set to bow out as Batman after Justice League?

July 21st, 2017 by Marc Comments

Warners may already have a way to do it ‘gracefully’

SDCC 2017: Check out the costumes from Justice League

July 19th, 2017 by Marc Comments

Man, these look incredible…

WATCH: New character TV Spots for Justice League PLUS Hot Toys tease their 12 inch figures

July 19th, 2017 by Marc Comments

Dear Mr Bank Manager…

The Nightwing movie director discusses why the character is so important

July 17th, 2017 by Marc Comments

Robin is all grown up in this universe…

SPOILERS: New toy images reveal Steppenwolf’s look in Justice League movie

July 9th, 2017 by Marc Comments

Could Batman really take this guy alone?

Zack Snyder shares dark, moody new image of Justice League’s Batman

June 27th, 2017 by Marc Comments

Meet the really, really Dark Knight…

DC/Warners bosses confirm Wonder Woman 2, Patty Jenkins’ return, Joss Whedon’s role in the DC movies and much, much more…

June 20th, 2017 by Marc Comments

It all changes after Wonder Woman…