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WATCH: THE LONE RANGER Silver Mine Shootout LEGO Set Review

August 7th, 2013 by Saxon Comments

You’re all trying to kill me, arent you?

Its some kind of big conspiracy, isnt it?  Whatever it is, I didn’t do it.  No one saw me do it.  You cant prove anything.  But surely you all must want the end of my life to happen soon, what with all the videos you’re making me put together!  First it was all of the new Doctor Who 3.75 inch figures (an ongong effort – the Ice Warrior is tomorrow’s review), then it was all of these Star Wars Celebration Europe Interviews/Montages/ General motion picture related tasks (another ongoing effort) and now this.  A LEGO Lone Ranger set!

Do you know what the best thing about a LEGO set is, which is also the worst thing?  In order to review it – you have to build it.  Which would be fine, if I were ten years younger, but there seems to be a stage people reach in their lives where building LEGO sets becomes impossible without the aid of a small child.  Fortunately my cousin happened to pay me a visit this week and brought her five-year-old along with her, and he (in exchange for keeping a few of the mini figures) threw it together in a flash.  Cheers, bud.  But it was a labour of love, LEGO has always been one of my favourite toys and that will never change – no matter how much the instructions seem like gibberish to me these days.

And on that note of feeling so very, very old, here is my review of The Lone Ranger Silver Mine Shootout set…

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