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UPDATED: CONFIRMED: Arrow Season 3 to Have Ray Palmer, aka The Atom?

July 7th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

Well… the fun never stops with Arrow does it? After a series of stories detailing characters that will be featured in Season 3’s flashbacks in Hong Kong, we now have received breaking news via saying that a major DC character will be in the present with Oliver Queen. And you might recognize the character… and the actor possibly set to play him.

Ray Palmer, aka The Atom, is reported to play a major role in Season 3. According to sources, he’ll be the new head of Queen Consolidated which, if you recall, Oliver and family lost due to Slade’s plan last season. What Palmer tends to do with the company is “shrouded in mystery”, but depending on where he is in his life, it may not be that hard to guess.

In the comics, Ray Palmer has the ability to change his size and mass, along with other characters and objects in his vicinity via his suit, and is easily one of the smartest guys in the DCU.

Now, as to who will play him…Brandon Routh is apparently the actor of choice. Sound familiar? “Didn’t he play Superman in Superman Returns?” Yes he did!

Actor Stephen Amell, who plays Arrow/Oliver Queen, has confirmed on his Facebook page that the story is true and Routh is coming on board. However, we’re still not sure if he will have the Atom’s super powers or will simply be Ray Palmer for the foreseeable future

Arrow will return on Oct. 8th.

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