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DOCTOR WHO ROUNDUP: 50th Anniversary filming, The Zygons creator speaks & BBC Proms

April 18th, 2013 by Saxon Comments


Doctor Who writer Robert Banks Stewart, creator of The Zygons,  has hinted that fans should expect a multitude of monsters in the 50th special. He said “The Zygons are in there with all the others – particularly the Daleks and the Cybermen.”

He has previously penned classic Who stories ‘Terror of the Zygons’ (1975) and ‘The Seeds of Doom’ (1976). However, the writer explained that while he agreed to let the BBC use his creations, he feels the current Doctor Who episodes are more aimed toward adults.

“My own personal opinion is that the modern Doctor Who should be aimed more at children,” he said. “People very fondly remembered being scared by Doctor Who – now the plots seem to me a little too adult.”

In other news, The Doctor Who Proms returns for the third time as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations and will feature special guests in two concerts.

Matt Smith, speaking to BBC News,  said: “I love the Albert Hall. I love the Proms. I love classical music. I think it’s a great thing to see all of Murray [Gold]’s really brilliant score over the years come to life.”

Meanwhile, a whole load of new pictures have emerged and which can be seen below.

The first pictures (above and below), however, is that of David Tennant and Matt Smith together in costume has been captured. Along with a Zygon in the background.


David Tennant and Joanna Page run away from the Zygons.

John Hurt in costume

Tennant between filming.

Joanna Page in costume.



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