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The Flash Season one isn’t what it seems… but what might that mean? Shane ponders…

May 25th, 2015 by Shane Michael Comments

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The Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has confirmed what many people suspected in that the entire first series of the show is actually an alternate timeline. This timeline came about when Eobard Thawne killed Harrison Wells and hijacked his persona so that he could build the particle accelerator sooner and thus create the Flash and, as a byproduct of this, most of the Flash’s rogues.
Kreisberg had this to say: “Part of the fun of The Flash is when you have people dabbling in sci-fi physics, they’re significantly altering the world. We established in the finale that the entire series of The Flash is, in itself, an alternate timeline that’s been skewed from the real one. Wells setting off the accelerator created all the metahumans, and the results of the singularity will also have long-term effects.”
It remains to be seen whether Eddie Thawne’s heroic sacrifice to erase his ancestor Eobard from existence means that the original timeline has been reset.


Alternate timelines and earths are not uncommon in the DC comics universe but this will be the first time it’s been explored on screen. The appearance of Jay Garrick’s helmet through the portal in the finale would heavily suggest we will see the Flash of Earth-2 next season.
We at FTN have another thought though.
Back in the early nineties, John Wesley Shipp starred in a Flash series that ran for one season. The same actor has appeared as Barry’s dad in this new series who has been wrongly imprisoned in Iron Heights for the murder of his wife. Could we see this early Flash series where Barry’s dad is the Flash as a possible alternate timeline? We reported last week about some Easter eggs present in the finale and one of these was a future vision of Barry in hand-cuffs being visited by his dad in Iron Heights, that Barry saw in the speed-force. Could this be a sort of role reversal timeline?
We have to wait until Autumn and season 2 to find out!

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