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Am I Mad? (A PS4 Article)

November 26th, 2013 by Paul M. Ward Comments

So, in a few days, I have a day booked off for one thing, and one thing only. (Actually, make it two, I have tickets to go and see Sean Locke in concert with my wife that night too).

I will be trying to buy a PlayStation 4.

And I have NOT pre-ordered it yet.

Call it cynicism, or my futile attempt to fight the hype that invariably takes us all at one point, but until about 3 months ago, I hadn’t made any decision about when I would be getting my Playstation. And after I did commit to it, and checked my bank balance, I noticed that many places refused to guarantee a day-one console in stores. I ruled out online, as they have a caveat that it can be up to 5 working days later. And frankly, do you trust the mailman THAT much?

So, Friday 29th November will be a date to watch this space. Am I mad? Feel free to comment below, and I’ll let you know the results that night!

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