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Avengers from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix to Debut June 10

June 9th, 2019 by Crowbar Comments

As many of you are aware, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are teaming up to brings us a new Marvel game. Titled “Marvel’s Avengers” the official Twitter account revealed the new logo and a time frame for when we get our first full look at the game.

The game is to be released on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC with no word on a release window yet (most likely 2020). Last year we got a teaser trailer and that was exactly what it was.

Since the reveal is happening “Day 0” of E3 it would be safe to assume Enix will have more information on the show floor.

Hopefully, we will see some gameplay or a story trailer. If you’re as excited as us, you just want SOMETHING.

Fresh off the Avengers: Endgame hype we want to see what the developers of Tomb Raider have in store for us. You can rewatch the teaser trailer below. Stay tuned for more information.

I will be reporting from E3 during next week.

Source: IGN, TechRadar, Square Enix

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