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COMIC REVIEW: FTN reviews Alien Legion: Uncivil War #1

June 19th, 2014 by Dave Bowling Comments

Alien Legion: Uncivil War #1
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Art: Larry Stroman & Carl Potts
Publisher: Titan Comics

Originally appearing in 1984, the story of Force Nomad, an intergalactic foreign legion of the hardest-fighting scumbags in the galaxy getting sent into the worst situations imaginable ran on and off until 1993.

So, 21 years and numerous defunct reboot attempts later, what are Jugger Grimrod and his fellow armed bast#@ds up to? Well, Titan has the answer. Writer Chuck Dixon and artists Larry Stroman and Carl Potts have teamed up to bring the series back to gloriously (alien) sweary life.

Force Nomad find themselves on peacekeeping duties as a civil war in the neighbouring Harkilon Imperium threatens to spill out of control. While patrolling the border and checking refugee ships for weapons and contraband, all hell inevitably breaks loose that threatens to drag the Tophan Union into the war. And a stand-up fight is what Nomads do best.

Considering I wasn’t familiar with the original series, this was a big surprise for me. Great storyline packed into 20-odd pages, more action than exposition but a promise of things to come. The artwork is excellent, bright and crisp, but one criticism I do have is the use of vertical panels which make it a pain in the neck to read as a digital copy.

Still, so far so good, and I look forward to more fighting, explosions and swearing to appeal to my inner child and Firefly fan.

4 out of 5 nerds

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