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Dan Harmon says everyone should be back for the Community movie and that includes Donald Glover!

November 29th, 2022 by Marc Comments

When we reported in September that a Community movie was finally coming to Peacock (here), it was a bitter moment as well as sweet.

Bitter because while the cast was mostly returning – Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Jim Rash and Ken Jeong all confirmed – we were dismayed to see Yvette Nicole Brown’s Shirley Bennett wasn’t included and VERY dismayed that Donald Glover’s Troy Barnes was missing too.

Now, for clarity, both actors left the show before its run ended and the show, obviously, came to a conclusion without them, but it was always inferior once the cast began to drop off, with the last couple of seasons being serviceable but far from the clever and funny series it was before.

But the fans stayed loyal and, just like Pudi’s character, Abed, in the series, they hoped that someday we would have six seasons… and a movie.

So, as I said, it was bittersweet when the news of the movie came but without the whole band back together again.

Brown, right, was originally tagged in the announcement tweet, so it’s possible we will see her in the movie – she’s been a big advocate for the movie’s creation, saying in the past (here): “We have a group text that is popping. We joke and laugh with each other randomly. You never know who is going to start it — it may be a joke somebody has or it may be some fan art somebody got — but we always check in with each other daily.

“The movie? I think it’s coming. I don’t know when, [but] I know we all want to do it and that’s half the battle.”

But Glover, well, he’s an unknown commodity since he’s a mega star now with him also being superstar Childish Gambino.

However, Community creator Dan Harmon – he of Rick & Morty fame too – is confident that Glover is coming back to Greendale Community College and that it wouldn’t be the same without him.

“I think that Donald is coming, based on word of mouth, but it’s just the deal isn’t official or wasn’t official. It would be difficult to really commit to doing this thing without Donald.”

In a later interview, he said: “For lack of a better word, there was a ball fumbled… [Glover] is down to clown. Man, I would not want to think about making [the movie] without Donald.”

“So I believe he is coming back. I think if there’s names missing from a list, it’s because the names that are on the list, their deals are agreed upon enough that it’s OK to say they are on the list, and anybody that’s not on a list, it’s just not the case yet. So there is nothing official about anybody being out.”

And no, we don’t think that list will include Chevy Chase before anyone asks; in the series his character, Pierce, was killed (Chase and Community’s production/cast/crew were notoriously at each other’s throats during the show’s duration) off and Harmon doesn’t even think he CAN come back, saying: “I don’t even know if it’s legal for him to come back. That may be out of my hands. There may be something I sign for with an insurance company.”

As for a director, Harmon says no-one is attached yet but he has someone in mind, someone who worked on the show during its TV run – and remember, this series had Fast & Furious director Justin Lin and Avengers: Infinity War’s Russo brothers as directors!

It looks like it’s game on for the Community movie with the original cast, [one of the] directors and creators all back on board… let’s hope they can recapture some of the glory days of the show, that would be something very special, indeed.

Plus, we might get more of Troy and Abed in the Morning… that alone is worth the wait!

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