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Is She-Venom set for Sony’s Venom movie? And Sony have BIG plans for the Marvel movies…

July 19th, 2017 by Marc Comments

Ready for some updates on the Venom and Silver and Black movies from Sony?

Well, earlier today we reported that the Silver and Black villains may reveal an interesting link to the MCU (here) but we have even more cool news involving the wider Sony movie universe.

First up, we know that Tom Hardy is set to star as Venom/Eddie Brock in Ruben Fleischer’s Venom movie but it seems the plot could be an interesting one.

Firstly, the movie will be filming under the name ‘Antidote’ and it seems that an audition tape featuring actress Casey Jayne (below) has been uncovered that features the actress playing a character in the movie called Annie.

The tape, described as ’emotionally dark’ features the actress talking about someone “hunting her down and trying to kill her”. And while it’s unlikely this will be a scene in the movie, it’s believed that Annie may actually be Eddie Brock’s (Hardy) ex-wife Anne Weying aka She-Venom:

Antidote from Casey Jayne on Vimeo.


So we might see two Venoms in the movie? And rumours of Carnage appearing too? It looks like the movie could be a symbiotic-heavy outing.

In other news, it seems that Sony are busy planing out their cinematic universe beyond Venom.

Columbia Pictures president Sanford Panitch has been doing his homework around the various characters that live in Peter Parker’s universe – aprox 900 of them! – and swears he’s on a mission do the characters complete justice: “With the Sony universe of Marvel characters, our mission is only to do what’s the absolute best for each individual property. I just want to honor the original DNA.”

As such, Sony aren’t going do the one person overseeing everything route ala Marvel or DC, but rather they are happy to have all the movies in a shred universe but with Venom touted as a horror and Silver and Black a buddy movie, it means we will likely get everything from family comedies to R-Rated outings and it’s also rumoured that it could range from big budget outings to smaller, personal movies.

“Superhero movies have now transcended [the point] where they’re no longer superhero movies per se; they are essentially genre movies,” he says.

“It’s not so much that characters have a cape and fly. In “Silver & Black,” these two women are modern and cool. … They may wear costumes, but [they’re] very real and very grounded.”

However, with Venom, it looks like a horror with a more comedic edge is called for – which makes sense given that Fleischer’s the guy behind the wonderful Zombiland: “I’ve always been drawn to the more antihero superheroes, there’s a dark element to [Venom] and a wit that has always appealed to me.”

Panitch’s knowledge of the characters is already inspiring hope that Sony will indeed treat them properly, especially with Venom: “They become almost a third being, which is what Venom is; there’s a famous quote: ‘You’re Eddie Brock. I’m the symbiote. Together we are Venom.’”

He says the movie will be a throwback to the work of John Carpenter or David Cronenberg but with more ‘pop and fun’… count us in!

However, fuelling the MCU/Sony connection he, like Pascal did a few weeks ago, hints that no doors are closed as regards to Spider-man appearing in these movies (or vice-versa): “If we get lucky enough to make more than one [Venom film] and continue the franchise, there are lots of opportunities,” he adds.

What about fan favourite Kraven the Hunter? Will we see him on the big screen? “He’s an awesome character,” Panitch says. “Let’s just leave it at that.”

We’re both very optimistic about the Sony movies and cautious, but from the way he’s talking it sounds to us that Marvel/Disney and Sony are having discussions behind the scenes… perhaps Pascal just spoke too soon when she talked about a shared universe? Maybe it is in the works after all.

What say you? Can two studios have two separate movie universe co-existing? Let us know your thoughts…

Source: Variety & OmegaUnderground

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