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Silver and Black villains revealed and it could lead to a BIG connection between Sony and the MCU

July 19th, 2017 by Marc Comments

You may have been following the whole thing a few weeks ago when Sony’s Amy Pascal said that their Marvel movies (Silver & Black, Venom and other planned ones) were part of the MCU (here), then it turned out they weren’t (here) and then they weren’t BUT sort of ran along side it like the Netflix shows (here) and, if you were, then we have another layer of ‘wut’ to add to it all.

With Spider-man: Homecoming officially welcoming Spider-man into the MCU with his first full movie, Sony are still planning to make their movies featuring Spidey’s villains but here’s something interesting… they MAY be connected to Homecoming!


Well, the movies have a list of villains they want to kick off Silver and Black, the Silver Sable/Black Cat team-up movie.

Here’s the list of villains (in order as they appear in the pic):

(Continues after pic)

Dimitri Smeryakov/The Chameleon

Here the character, a master of disguise in the comics and in this movie, will be a contact/informer for the two leads in South America. He will be the go-to guy in the movie and we’ll see his master go disguise abilities although his role is also more of a set-up than a major one.

Mac Gargan/Scorpion

In the movie Scorpion’s suit will be created by Gaunt, hence the tale, and he will face-off against the two leads several times, including in the action packed finale.

Mendel Stromm/Gaunt

Who: Gaunt originally helped create the formula that led to Norman Osborne becoming Green Goblin, Stromm eventually became obsessed with robots and, as you do, became a robot named Gaunt.

Anton Rodriguez/Tarantula

Rodriguez was part of a South American terrorist group whose favourite weapons were knives attacked to his gloves and shoes. Word is in the movie the character is basically sent to kill Sable and Cat although his role is rumoured to be a small one.

Lonnie Lincoln/Tombstone

This is the one that I love the most as I recall him being a great villain when i was reading a lot of Spidey books in the 90s (Marc), Tombstone is a Harlem gangster who is also Albino. He has teeth filed into points and is an all-round badass, so it will be fun to see what the movie does with him although rumour is he too is after the female heroes as they have something that belongs to him.

So, did you notice anything above?

Well, if you were paying attention to Spider-man: Homecoming you’d notice that we already have Scorpion; or rather we have Mac Garvan (played by Michael Mando):

You’d be forgiven if you didn’t realise that’s who Mando was playing as he’s in the movie briefly – once on the Ferry scene and then in the mid-credit scenes. But we did notice the big scorpion tattoo he was rocking on his neck.


Well, word is that, with Mando having played Garvan in the MCU already, he’s also a likely choice to play the role again in Silver and Black.

It is still possible they’ll cast someone else in the role but, given that Marvel’s Kevin Feige and Sony’s Amy Pascal at least agreeing the movies sort of ‘co-exist’, then we’d bet we’ll see him transitioning between the two studios.

And that could either mean big things for the movies’ universes OR it could be a cool little nod for the fans. Either way, if you’ve seen Homecoming you’ll know that it felt like Garvan was being set up for a future event.

Hey, why do we need Spider-man in both when we can have Sorpion, am I right? Emmmmmm…

Let us know your thoughts, friends and neighbours.

Source: That Hashtag Show

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