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Ivan Reitman says the other Ghostbusters movie rumour is ‘just noise’… but here’s why we don’t believe him

July 31st, 2015 by Marc Comments

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OK, so yesterday writer Drew Pearce confirmed that he was finished writing the other Ghostbusters movie – the one after Paul Feig’s current reboot (here). He confirmed that they still wanted Chris Pratt and Channing Tatum involved and it might be a way to bring everything together.

And we rejoiced. No, not because it’s men in the roles, but because when we heard about pulling it all together and the involvement of Ivan Reitman and the Russo brothers, we had high hopes of a movie that maybe used alternate dimensions or realities to stitch the originals and reboot together, as only Ghostbusters would be able to.

Hey, we’re loving the current IDW comics where the movie characters have met their cartoon counterparts and even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so we have no problem buying into the idea that Sony have an idea that will please fans old and new.

Now however, the director of the original two movies, Ivan Reitman, is shooting it all down, saying it’s nothing but noise.

In a statement, Reitman said:

“There has been a lot of excitement recently about what is happening with the ‘Ghostbusters’ franchise. As the producer of the new ‘Ghostbusters’ film, I feel the need to clarify . There is only one new ‘Ghostbusters’ movie and that is the Paul Feig directed version coming next July, presently filming and going fantastically. The rest is just noise.”

Sorry Ivan, we don’t completely believe you. Why? Well, because this story has already had traction even before Iron Man 3 writer Drew Pearce said anything.

Firstly, Dan Aykroyd said a while back that if the reboot did well there’s still a chance that Ghostbusters 3 might happen (here). We know that, much like Transformers at Paramount, there’s a team of writers – a think tank – working on this movie universe (here). So we reckon it could well be that Pearce’s idea came from there.

We also have confirmation from Channing Tatum that he was at least involved at one point (here), but with his rumoured stepping down from the Gambit movie (here), could he be heading to the Firehouse? Although, just to balance the article, Chris Pratt claimed no knowledge of the project a few weeks ago (here).

On top of this, Paul Feig’s wife wasn’t happy about the ‘male’ Ghostbusters movie, saying it disrespectful to the movie her husband was making and the women he was hiring (here)… is it possible that it wasn’t the men in the roles she was unhappy about (after all, Ghostbusters was originally an all-male franchise) but rather the idea that there might be a way of merging, or erasing, the new movie if need be?

All just speculation.

But, while Reitman is clearly trying to take our attention away from the potential second GB movie, his language is interesting as he does not out right say there is no other movie at planning stage.

And let’s always remember you can’t have a noise without something to cause it.

Are we reaching? Maybe, but we get the feeling this is not the last we’ve heard of this other Ghostbusters movie.

In related news…

Paul Feig has been talking quite extensively about slime to GQ magazine and, more importantly, he talked about the movie itself:

“First, forget the chubby cartoonish phantasms you might associate with the franchise. Feig is going for actually-eerie, pants-shi#@ing ghosts as the anchor of the film and plans to use as little CGI as possible. And second, the movie itself will avoid screwball goofs, going instead for a realistic workplace-comedy vibe—the original being at its core a proto-Silicon Valley start-up comedy, its best moments centered on a bunch of slobs ordering Szechuan at the office.

Not that making a hyper-real, super-scary buddy flick means any less glop. “The cast is really excited to get slimed,” he says of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones. “Sliming! It’s one of those things you’re excited about. Till it actually happens.”

Ok, we have mixed feeling about the idea of the ghosts being truly terrifying… sure, Eleanor Tweedy gave us a scare in the library and the heads in the old railway line left a few sleepless nights in their wake, but overall the ghosts should be grotesque… but still fun.

As for the humour coming from the situation rather than being goofy? Why  Mr Feig, it’s almost as if you heard us talk on our podcast about that very thing. Ahem.

Source: Comingsoon

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