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SPOILERS: What that surprise mid-credit cameo in Wonder Woman 1984 might mean

December 22nd, 2020 by Marc Comments

So, those of us in the UK have already had the chance to see Wonder Woman 1984 on the big screen (review coming this weekend) and, while the movie itself was a big deal because, well, there’s not been much happening on the big screen in 2020, it held a special surprise at the end.

After the main movie ends and the credits kick in, being comic book movie fans, we all know not to move and here it pays off.


The movie cuts to a blue robed, black haired woman, shot from behind, walking through a busy street and suddenly a lampost (?) falls over and the womn raises a gauntletted arm, saving it from hitting a woman with her young child… when the woman, thankfull, asks who the lady is – we all assumed it was Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman – she turns around to reveal… original Wonder Woman star Linda Carter! And she reveals herself to be Asteria.

Gasp! Fade to black!

Now, a few things quickly come to mind here.

Carter has recently appeared in the Supergirl series on The CW but was asked to return as Wonder Woman for the Crisis on Infinite Earths event but alas, she never appeared… now it seems she maybe was prevented from doing so because this scene was in the pipeline?

Also, this shouldn’t be a complete surprise that Carter appears as she was tipped to possibly appear back in 2016 when the first was being made (here).

The big part of this, however, is that Asteria is a character in the DC universe, like Wonder Woman, she hails from Themyscira too, however, quite some time before Diana Prince.

In the movie, Wonder Woman speaks of the legend of the Golden Armour (see picture at top of page) that was worn by a warrior who held back the hordes of man who tried to take over Themyscira – this warrior was, you guessed it, Asteria – we also see statues of her in the opening of the movie (above) during the Themyscira games. So, the movie may be, somehow poetically, saying that Carter is one of the oldest, original Amazons.

However, it should also be noted that there is another Asteria in the DC universe who hails from Earth-1098 andis also an Amazon but is one of the foundng members of the Justice Society of America.

Now, this could mean that the movie is setting up the Multiverse we know DC is plannig on diving into with The Flash movie (here), however, given her remark in the mid-credit scene that she was doing this a long time, I have to assume it’s a nod to the first Asteria we talk about above.

Either way, it could mean Linda Carter has a big role to play in the DC movie universe moving forward… and that’s pretty great news.

What say you all?

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