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Vin Diesel in talks to headline Valiant Comics’ Cinematic Universe as Bloodshot

January 9th, 2018 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

While Vin Diesel has his Fast & Furious and XXX (?) franchises under his belt and is well known to fans as the voice of Groot in the MCU, the actor has long wanted to get his name attached to a superhero/comic book role (where you can see his face).

You may recall he was all be set to play Black Bolt had The Inhumans movie went ahead (here) before it became a TV Series?

Well he may finally be set to realise his comic book drew thanks to Valiant Comics as it seems he’s in talk to play Bloodshot in Sony’s first movie in a planned five movie phase one of a shared Harbinger/Bloodshot shared cinematic universe (we reported on this here).

“Bloodshot” is about a mortally wounded soldier resurrected with cutting-edge nanotechnology and tasked with rounding up superpowered outcasts known as “harbingers.” “Bloodshot” was created by Kevin Van Hook, Don Perlin and Bob Layton in 1992.

The movie is tipped to be directed by Dave Wilson, Deadpool director Tim Miller’s partner at Blur Studios.

As is now the trend, we’re hearing movies like Logan and Deadpool as being the inspiration behind the new franchise.

The Valiant Comic universe could definitely be a cinematic franchise to look forward to.

Source: The Wrap

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