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Who’s the new Batgirl going to be? Well, here’s the [new] rumoured names up for the role

August 17th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Multiple reports lately from various sources as to who the new Batgirl will be.

Back in 2017 Joss Whedon was all set to direct and write the Batgirl movie, then came his little stint with the Justice League and it all went downhill from there and was basically forgotten.

Well, new news has come to light with two actresses set to be at the top of the list for the part of Barbra.

13 Reasons Why star Katherline Langford and Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley are the two competing for the role with DC according to sources. This makes sense since Katherine’s role at Marvel didn’t really pan out as planned and Daisy is all but done with her role with the Star Wars trilogy.

Langford was meant to be in Avengers: Endgame. Apparently with the snap, Tony is meant to have a little glimpse into the future and see his daughter as a teenager, Played by Katherine Langford. The Russos since decided to cut the scene and that’s why you don’t actually remember seeing her.

(On the same note, we previously heard Bumblebee and Edge of 18 star Hailee Steinfeld is in the running (here) and then we heard it was The 100’s Lindsay Morgan (here), so it’s likely still up-in-the-air.)

Now I’m not quite sure as to which one I prefer to be honest, everyone who knows Daisy from Star Wars knows that she can already do the action style role, however Katherine does look like she could suit the part more, even if she does look a little bit like Catwoman from the final episode of Gotham. Either way I’m rather looking forward to seeing who they choose.

Sources: WGTC and Looper

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