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Zack Snyder gives glimpse of Justice League’s Martian Manhunter and reveals who he’d have cast as Catwoman…

November 11th, 2020 by Marc Comments

Oooooooooh… more exciting news for fans of the upcoming Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max today, guys.

The director, who was on The Nerd Queens’ League of Mayhem YouTube stream (watch it all below), was discussing characters who were originally meant to appear in his Justice League before he was struck by a family tragedy and forced to leave the production, handing off to Joss Whedon and during this, he shared to images that got everyone all excited.

The first image he revealed was of Darkseid:

We all know that Darkseid was set to be the big villain of the movie originally but was replaced in Whedon’s version by Steppenwolf, although we now know that he will make an appearance in Snyder’s full vision when it’s released next year on the streamer although he will be a younger version of the character in the distant past called Uxas but it’s also speculated that this new look at the villain will be how he looks in the movie when he returns to take on the Justice League.

However, perhaps the biggest reveal was that of Martian Manhunter who we know was originally set to appear in the movie – although he has yet to appear in the DC Cinematic Universe at all – the character, however, is represented in The CW’s Arrowverse shows, played by David Harewood.

We learned last year (here) that the Manhunter was set to be in the movie thanks to an original storyboard that Snyder shared and we also learned that he was already in both Man of Steel and Batman V Superman in the form of General Swanwick, played by Harry J Lennix.

In the comics, the Manhunter is a shapeshifter and the last of the Green Martian race who has found a new home on earth.

He has quite a range of powers, including superhuman strength, durability, flight, regeneration, shapeshifting, intangibility, invisibility, telepathy, telekinesis, extrasensory input, and heat vision, so he is a very underrepresented member of the League and one we are very excited to see on the big screen.

Hopefully this means that Lennix will be stepping up for the role Snyder’s Justice League – which will be broadcast as four one-hour episodes on the streamer – and will finally give closure to the debates over what the original ‘unite the seven’  tagline for Justice League meant…

Now, of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we will see the Manhunter in the movie but I can’t help feeling that Snyder would not have teased this is there wasn’t something to it.

But this wasn’t all we got from the director about his movie and plans for the DC movies.

He also revealed that we would see something new before the 17th of this month. Now, we know the first teaser for the series was removed from youtube late last week after apparent legal issues with music used in it, so it might make sense to expect a new teaser trailer.

However, almost as exciting as the Martian Manhunter reveal, Snyder revealed who his Catwoman would have been, had he had a chance to introduce her on screen.

And honestly, we shouldn’t be surprised.

Yes, the beautiful, sexy and overall badass Carla Gugino (above,right) was his choice for the role of Selena Kyle/Catwoman. Gugino is something of a muse to Snyder, having appeared in several of his earlier movies, so her being his pick makes sense.

Now Gugino is aged 49 and given how Snyder gave us an older Batman in the shape of Ben Affleck, this would make perfect sense and, honestly, that pairing makes me wish this had happened… or perhaps still could. We’ll see.

Of course, we now have Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman/Selena Kyle in the upcoming The Batman, but given that it’s a different take on the character, set in the DC multiverse, there’s no reason to say that, should HBO bring Affleck back for a new Batman movie or series as has been speculated (here), we couldn’t yet see Gugino in the role.

Anyway, Darkseid, Martian Manhunter, new teaser and who would have been Catwoman… that’s some pretty cool news right there.

What say you all?

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