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Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon series gets confirmed release date for first two movies – Trailer tomorrow

August 21st, 2023 by Marc Comments

Fans of Zack Snyder who are looking forward to his new sci-fi epic, Rebel Moon, have a big week ahead as the first trailer is set to drop tomorrow are Gamescon, but for now, we have the first official dates for the first two movies’ releases on Netflix.

We know that the first two of a planned trilogy were filmed back-to-back last year and that the first one was due for Christmas this year and now we know that the first movie will be called Rebel Moon Part One: A Child of Fire while the second is Rebel Moon Part Two: The Scargiver and is set for April 19th, 2024; there’s still no word on the third movie at this stage.

We all know that Snyder once pitched a Star Wars movie which was, obviously, shot down, only to become Rebel Moon.

And, like Star Wars before it, it seems that Snyder has his eye on creating a new cinematic universe.

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The creator had tried this earlier at Netflix with Army of the Dead and Army of Thieves but it seems this might be dead at the streamer as I’ve heard very little in the last year or so with the anime series (here) and sequel (here) were last mentioned in the rumour and news mills.

But Snyder, never to be held back, is hoping Rebel Moon will be the one to give Netflix its shared universe: “When I pitched it to Netflix, the scale was a thing they wanted,” Snyder said.

“They were like, ‘Well, how big could it be? How many movies?’ That made me go, ‘Okay, if we really do this, we can sink our teeth pretty deep into this. We can’t really hit the bottom.'”

We know that Rebel Moon and Rebel Moon 2 have both been given the go-ahead and Snyder says he has a 450-page ‘bible’ that outlines characters and events before and after the movies.

Top of his ‘to do’ in the Rebel Moon universe after the movies, is a TV series that would focus on Fra Free’s Balisaurius, the villain of the first movie and how he came to be the tyrant he is.

Snyder, on addressing the size of the universe, says: “The Rebel Moon is not the moon that they’re on. The title was conceptual, but there’s a planet named Vanna, and Vanna is the rebel moon. It’s not even in one shot of this movie!

On the first movie, Snyder says: “I’m a glutton for punishment. I don’t know why I always make an ensemble movie. I can’t wait to not do that. But in the meantime, of course…I love it.

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“This movie was me going, ‘Of course it’s a space opera, but let’s not lens it that way. Let’s lens it in a more intimate way so that the sci-fi elements feel more grounded.’ We’re not always saying, ‘Look at how big our spaceships are or how weird our planets look!’ That happens, but it happens as an organic part of the world you’re in. You’re there, and so the things you see on that journey are not forced upon you or spoon-fed to you.”

So, after we all watch the first movie at Christmas, when can we expect the second part? “It won’t be long after,” he says, “Netflix can do things that a traditional studio can’t do as far as how close together the movies are released.”

Interestingly, the movies will be getting more adult, complete editions released down the line, with the first releases being more family-orientated: “I think for fans of mine and people who are ready to take a deeper, harder dive, that’ll be fun for them,” he says.

Telling the story of a ragtag team of rebels fighting a tyrannical empire (well, he did say it was inspired by Star Wars), Snyder says of the movie’s influences: “It’s The Dirty Dozen, The Wild Bunch, The Magnificent Seven—anytime there’s either a village or a town that is threatened, that needs a gunfighter to come and do the dirty work that the townspeople can’t do.”

No matter your opinion on Snyder and his movies, it’s always an interesting time when he releases something news and, there’s no denying that, even when he fails, he fails in style, so I know I’ll have the popcorn and munchies and be watching Netflix on December 22nd… what about you all?

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Source: Vanity Fair, Empire

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