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Cool new rumours about the future of Scream including Neve Campbell, a new trilogy, TV series and more…

May 26th, 2024 by Marc Comments

Honestly, just hearing that voice saying ‘Hello Sidney’ again will be music to my Nerdy ears…

Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and Kevin Williamson return for Scream VII

April 2nd, 2024 by Marc Comments

If in doubt, bring the OGs back!

WATCH: Trailer for Kevin Williamson’s Sick arrives ahead of it hitting Peacock next week

January 7th, 2023 by Marc Comments

Is it the new Scream? Unlikely but it looks like fun…

Original Scream writer says Matthew Lillard’s Stu is dead… but we’re still not convinced

December 18th, 2022 by Marc Comments

We will never accept that Stu is dead. Well, probably never.

Scream creator Kevin Williamson confident Scream 6 is coming and discusses his original plans for Scream 5 and 6

January 17th, 2022 by Marc Comments

I’d happily return to Woodsboro annually if Ghostface was to…

Scream 5 wraps and gets official title

November 19th, 2020 by Marc Comments

Scream… if you wanna go faster. Isn’t the name.

Crazy Jack the Ripper V HG Wells movie Time After Time set for TV Series under Scream scribe

September 15th, 2015 by Marc Comments

It’s as fun as the movie we’re in for a treat