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Cool new rumours about the future of Scream including Neve Campbell, a new trilogy, TV series and more…

May 26th, 2024 by Marc Comments

Some cool new Scream VII – and beyond – updates tonight, Ghostface lovers.

Let’s start off with returning star of the series, Neve Campbell, who was not in Scream VI due to a pay dispute, but is back for Scream VII and it sounds like she’s back with a vengeance.

At the recent Texas Frightmare event, Campbell was asked about the director of the movie being the writer and creator of the series, Kevin Williamson and her reply was that she was the one who approached Williamson and it seems to confirm that she, rather than just returning as the lead, will have an active producer role too, similar to Jamie Lee Curtis’ role in the recent Halloween trilogy. This would lead us to believe that Sidney will be front and centre of the new movie(s)… more on that in a minute.

In a related story, Williamson, who previously has said he’s a fan of what Radio Silence did in Screams V and VI, has spoken out about what his plan was for the series had he had a chance to write IV, V and VI himself: “[They] would have been [about] the love story of Sidney Prescott, and it would’ve been this whole thing of she’s falling in love, she’s going to get married, it’s all based around her marriage when these murders start happening again.”

Of course, the paranoia of someone who fell in love with a killer before, will creep in and would be a part of the story, he goes on: “It’s like, is this man that she’s in love with the killer again? Is she Billy Loomis-ing herself all over again? Is she still making the wrong decisions? Is she still choosing the bad guy?”

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Now, the word is that the new movie is planned as the beginning of a new trilogy built around Sidney and her family made up of Det Mark Kincaid, played by Patrick Dempsey and their now grown-up kids; the new movies will have a bit of a time jump, allowing her kids to be grown enough to be in the middle of the action – honestly, the more I hear of this, the more I think it could we see this tying back to the first movie and may even see the return of Stu Macher, played by Mathew Lillard… after all, it sounds like this time the killer has a personal vendetta for Sid and her family, so it has to be a real deep cut reason. Could this be the original plan Williamson had for the Scream series finally coming to fruition? He did originally have a plan to bring Stu back, so it’s possible that Williamson is going to draw on his full original vision for the series now that he’s back in the series in a big way.

New Scream series?

On top of this, Critical Overlord, who does a lot of reporting around the Scream series, has reported (here) that he had heard reports around the time of Scream VI  that there was a limited TV series at the discussion stage based on the Scream series that could have revolved around Hayden Panettiere’s character, Kirby Reed, left, who has faced Ghostface in Screams IV and VI, which would have seen her as an FBI agent and could have seen characters such as Gale (Cox) and Sidney (Campbell) appear periodically and could have seen her go up against a cult of some sort – though, if this tied directly to Ghostface or the Cult of Ghostface, is unclear.

Now, this series did not transpire and as of now, it’s unclear if the character of Kirby will be returning for Scream VII but I am hearing new rumours of a Scream TV series happening… could it be based on the Kirby idea? It is unlikely that the series will tie back to the Scream series that went before (it’s officially dead) but will instead tie back to the movie series rather than be its own standalone thing.

Because Ghostface, unlike Michael, Jason or Freddy, can be literally anyone and can be in any situation, the Scream franchise has limitless possibilities and I’ll be here for them all… I guess I’m in the Cult of Ghostface already.

Let me hear all your thoughts, guys.

While you’re here Scream fans, why not check out the acclaimed fan film Scream: Legacy for your dose of Ghostface while we wait for Scream VII.

Check out Scream: Legacy here:

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