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Twitter user spots Scream VI easter egg that points to Scream 3’s Jennifer Jolie, played by Parker Posey, still being alive

March 18th, 2023 by Marc Comments

A Twitter user seems to have found an easter egg in Scream VI that hints at another character from the original Scream trilogy that may still be alive in the universe.

So, we all know the saga of getting Hayden Panettiere’s Kirby Reed (here) who was stabbed by Ghostface in Scream 4 back for the latest movie but it seems that she may not be the only one to survive the masked killer.

Kirby was a fan favorite for return for years after a lingering shot in Scream 3 showed that she was still breathing and then when a very cool easter egg in Scream (2022) proved she was still alive, the fandom went nuts, with everyone hoping she’d return… and return she did when Scream VI hit screens a could of weeks back.

And now we may be facing the same thing with a character from Scream 3.

@HorrorFan on Twitter spotted a sign above the cinema housing the Ghostface memorabilia in the new movie, that boasted a ‘Retrospective with Jennifer Jolie’ which ran mon-fri. Now, this is hard to read even in the still below but once you know what you’re looking for it’s definitely there and has massive repercussions for the Scream movies.

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Jennifer Jolie in Scream 3 was played by Parker Posey, above left, and, in-universe, was an actress who had been cast in the next Stab movie as Gale Weathers, played in the Scream movies by Courtenay Cox, who she shadows in the movie, even when the killer is drawing close.

Her death did involve her being stabbed after being chased by Ghostface but, if you listen carefully, she definitely grunts as she falls through the glass of the mirror in the clip below, implying she might still be alive:

The appearance of the easter egg seems to harken back to an interview about Scream VI in which directors Radio Silence (Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett) we asked if they could resurrect one previous Scream character, who would it be and they answered Jennifer Jolie. We reckon this is the cameo that they both hinted at some time ago and so far no one spotted, so well done @HorrorFan.

Some have pointed out that the signage and the cinema in the movie are very old but given that Scream 3 was released 23 years ago, we doubt that in-universe, the same signage would have lasted that long, meaning the interview/tv series/whatever likely happened after the events of the third movie.

Scream VII already in production?

This could mean that we will see her in Scream 7 and might even tie into the plot – we’ve reported before how a possibly future plot could see a Ghsotface looking to take care of any survivors of previous incarnations… could this mean that Kirby and now Jennifer would join Cox’s Gale and Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott, as well as the Core Four of the new series, on the killer’s ‘mop-up list’?

Whatever it means, it’s fun to speculate that previous Ghostfaces may not have been as efficient as we previously thought they were and that there’s stories going on behind-the-scenes in this world that we can still look forward to unravelling.


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