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Doctor Who spinoff set for filming, David Tennant’s future on the show and Helena Bonham Carter role?

January 18th, 2024 by Marc Comments

Now that we have had the 60th specials over and the new Doctor in the shape of Ncuti Gatwa, what’s next for the series?

Well, we’ve known for a while that returning showrunner Russell T Davies has had a vision for the Whoniverse for some time that consisted of spinoffs, standalones and a much wider universe of adventures, indeed, he’s compared it to Marvel in the past as an example of what Doctor Who could and should be.

And we’re well on the way to that.

We already know that a UNIT series is already in development and now it seems another spinoff has actually started filming.

Jemma Redgrave to star in first new Doctor Who spinoff series, UNIT

Called The War Between The Land And The Sea, the new series is set to go into production on March 4th and rumours have it that it will be a five-arc tale focusing on the Doctor’s aquatic enemies the Sea Devils with word being his other enemies the Silurians will also be involved.

The limited series, like the main series, will be written by Davies.

David Tennant returning?

One of the biggest new things added to Doctor Who’s lore over the four episodes in December was the ‘bigeneration’ that resulted in David Tennant’s Doctor regenerating into Gatwa’s fifteenth Doctor but instead of being replaced by him, Tennant’s fourteenth Doctor also exists and has now gone off into retirement with Donna’s family.

Surely, this is a set up for Tennant to return?

“Sorry, it’s the age of Ncuti now – it’s ‘David who?'” said Davies on a potential return of New Who’s favourite Doctor, “No plans, genuinely, yet, because it’s a busy TARDIS – these two [Gatwa and Millie Gibson as companion Ruby Sunday] are gonna just sail across the universe and capture your heart, so it’s time to look at these two.”

Gatwa and Gibson unsure of future in Doctor Who beyond 2025

Look, you don’t keep Tennant’s character in the picture and not have plans for him… he even still has a TARDIS all of his own! My personal believe is that he, along with Jemma Redgrave and Catherine Tate’s Donna, will front the planned UNIT series and, personally, I love that idea!

But what exactly is bigeneration? It’s “an ancient myth of the Time Lords where, instead of a new body taking over from the old body, the new body separates from the old body and both are left alive.

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“David [Tennant] is parked. For once, we’ve got a happy Doctor who is no longer saving the universe, but is parked with Donna (Catherine Tate) for a happy life, while the Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) – which is always the next Doctor, and that’s always true of Doctor Who, the Doctor is the next Doctor – is out amongst the stars.”

Helena Bonham Carter set for BIG Doctor Who role?

Doctor Who has never shied away from its cameos in the past and it seems that one of our favourite actresses, Fight Club and Harry Potter star Helena Bonham Carter was once offered a small role on the show but was advised to hold out…

On a recent Jo Whiley BBC Radio 2 show, Davies and Carter discussed Doctor Who and it was revealed that, down the line, there’s is a big role for her in the show.

“She’s been offered and madam was too busy,” said Davies before adding, “There are better parts coming.”

Carter added about the role: “You said, you actually said, ‘This isn’t quite good enough.'”

Paul McGann set for return to TARDIS in new Doctor Who series?

“I did, oh gosh. Actually it wasn’t,” replied Davies, “no, I mean it wasn’t big enough, it wasn’t good enough for you. It was a lovely part and they offered it, but I secretly sent you a note saying turn this down. We’ll get you something better.”

Carter then added: “He did, he said, ‘You know what, no pressure.'”

“I know what’s coming up in the future. I know there’s a better part coming,” he concluded.

The duo worked on Nolly in which Carter played Crossroads star Noele Gordon.

Personally, I would love to see Carter as the Doctor – she’d have more than enough chops to knock that out of the park, having built a career playing weird, damaged and frequently brilliant characters.

So spinoffs coming, Tennant still out there and now Carter set up for a big role in the future? Doctor Who is still very much alive and well… let’s hope it stays that way.

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