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THE FTN BLOG: (24/03/13)

March 24th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Another week, another set of trials and tribulations. The country battled the snow as the Dragons of Azrael from D-Signs+Displays and worked on by yours truly opened at the Armagh Planetarium. Yes I am a relentless pimp.

In other less important news, Harrison Ford virtually confirmed he will be returning to the Star Wars universe (here). While this was greeted by thunderous rapturous applause from all corners of Uncle George’s, well, cousin Mickey’s universe now, I couldn’t help but wonder with all this fuss about the return of the big three, will it be mere cameos or a fully fledged storyline? I certainly hope we get something more than a mere wave before handing over the reins to the next generation.

While I’m still so so about new Star Wars, a new Star Trek Into Darkness trailer was released along with a poster (here). “I will walk over your cold corpses,” will go down in history beside “Khaaaaaaaaaaaaan!” Harris isn’t Khan though, is he? Is he? Not long to go before we find out but how cool was the crashing starship? My photon torpedo just ignited on that image alone. Coincidentally, it was Bill Shatner’s birthday this week; damn that toupee never grows old.

Over in telly world, the Vampire Diaries saw the exit of two major characters, Jeremy played by Hollywood legend Steve McQueen’s grandson, Steven R McQueen, went out in a shocker as he was bled dry by the evil Silas then had his neck snapped. That final pull back over his lifeless body was stunning and proves just why this is the show to watch.

Doctor Who saw the release of the first prequel of The Bells of Saint John which saw the Doctor sitting on a swing wondering where Clara was; nice twist which gives hope for the new storylines (here). Rumours circulated that Matt Smith would be regenerating this Christmas and that his replacement had already been chosen (here). For me, a regeneration in the 50th year feels like a slap in the face rather than a celebration. Smith has taken the character of the Doctor and made it THE Doctor, more so than Tennant or Eccleston. Plus, is it just me or is there a severe lack of Daleks or are we in for a big surprise? Filming begins on the anniversary special in April so expect spoilers to start trickling out. River Song herself, Alex Kingston, joined the cast of Arrow while deflecting questions about River’s return.

Christian Bale was spotted on the set of his new movie with a rather distinctive look that Gene Hunt would have a gromit at while we got to see a bit more of Tom Cruise’s new sci-fi movie. Denzel Washington may be taking on the mantle of the Equalizer but he ain’t no Woodward. Jason Statham’s new movie Hummingbird promises a new softer side to him; well running about with a nun will do that to you. New Pacific Rim images were revealed And Elijah Wood revealed he will not be appearing in the next two Hobbit Movies. Speaking of which, Peter Jackson revealed his fee for directing a Doctor Who episode; a Dalek. God, I know how that man feels.

Don’t forget to tune into In the Flesh on Sunday on BBC3, join in the apocalypse in Vampire Diaries and this time next week, we will all be basking in the afterglow of the Bells of Saint John.

And to end did I mention a brand new Time Warriors book is coming? Venom is finally here, so get ready for an exciting new chapter. Well, I did tell you I was a relentless pimp.


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