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All signs seem to be pointing at Henry Cavill putting on the Superman suit again…

May 23rd, 2020 by Marc Comments

With HBO Max and Zack Snyder revealing in the last few days (here), it seems that the DCEU is full, FULL, of potential and good news.

You may recall a few weeks ago that a big rumour appeared online (here) that Superman himself, Henry Cavill, was pretty close to returning to the red, blue and yellow, and now several rumours have appeared online that seem to be pointing to the same conclusion.

Henry Cavill has had a choppy time as Clark Kent/Superman, with his first two instalments, Man of Steel and Batman V Superman being met with, in my opinion, unjustified poor reviews. His next appearance in Justice League saw the movie reshot by Joss Whedon and subsequent reshoots meant that he had to have a moustache that he was contractually, ahem, attached to for Mission: Impossible digitally removed, resulting in a horrific upper-lip incident. When Superman appeared in Shazam! he was played by someone else and there wasn’t even a head on the character:

There were many rumours abound over what exactly had happened, with the most likely seeming to be that Cavill, after his Mission: Impossible appearance and soon to be made The Witcher series, had become something of a real star and was looking a bigger paycheque off Warners. A paycheck they weren’t prepared to pay.

That seemed to be true as recently as last week.

But now, there’s a lot of rumours that things have changed.

Word is that Warners/DC are considering bringing Cavill (37) back on board as they want to keep the DCEU intact. A further rumour suggests that they are considering his current asking price to return as Superman.

Let’s be honest, for all its detractors, the DCEU has made serious money and is still a much loved franchise and that all started with Cavill’s Superman, so it’s understandable that they want him back… he was the face of the franchise and I’d imagine they want to keep that face attached.

Also, it suggests that the DCEU is alive and well and that, as we felt all along, The Batman too, from Matt Reeves, is looking more and more likely to be a prequel to BvS as we have suspected all along.

Adding to all this speculation, during the Man of Steel livestream on Wednesday which went on to announce Zack Snyder’s Justice League (AKA The Snyder Cut) Cavill put in a surprise appearance. Especially surprising as Cavill was the only star not to previously announce his support for the #SnyderCut.

At the time, he posted in Instagram:

However, when Cavill took to social media to express his excitement for the movie’s release and also to offer Snyder his congratualtions, but adding to all the speculation, his agent, Dany Garcia, replied rather teasingly:

“Exciting times… :)”

Now, this is not a confirmation of anything, but doesn’t seem that maybe that message is alluding to something else? Maybe the return of Cavill as Superman? Although, maybe I should point out that Cavill is still Superman as it’s never been announced that he’s not.


It’s also worth noting that during the Snyder stream, Cavill said he still hopes for a trilogy of Superman movies, oh… and says he still has the costume! This seems to me, at least, that this is all leading to something exciting.

Oh, and adding to this all, it’s worth noting that Garcia is Dwayne Johnson’s ex-wife, business partner, oh, and is also co-founder of their production company which produces Shazam! and Black Adam, which is weird because YouTuber Grace Randolph – who is very often on the money with the big rumours – tweeted during the week: “PS #HenryCavill talks ARE happening and I hear a deal is coming soon – like maybe real soon #DC #DCEU.”

She went on to add: “To play Superman again – in a new movie, maybe a role in Black Adam or his own movie, unclear.”

Randolph has been reporting for a while now that Cavill and Garcia are playing hardball with Warners and all parties want the actor back heroing… oh, at the same time she was reporting that the Snyder Cut was coming at HBO Max too, if that adds any credence to the reports?

Cavill and Dwayne Johnson, who is playing Black Adam in the upcoming movie, have teased several times (here) in the past that Superman and Black Adam would meet (here) and, given the recent developments with Zack Snyder’s Justice League, it certainly seems that DC/Warners/AT&T are looking at getting the DCEU back on track, closer to what the plan was a few years ago… so, at this moment in time, I’d not rule any potential developments out.

Sources: WGTC and CulturedNerd and Cosmicbook News

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