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Drew Barrymore believes her Scream character may be able to come back

April 15th, 2023 by Marc Comments


Ok, look, I love Scream more than most franchises – it’s easily top ten for me – and I love a returning character, but even I think this might be a big much.

With the build-up and even post-build-up to Scream VI, returning characters became a big deal for the series with Hayden Panettiere’s Kirby Reed (here) making a comeback and then the news that Parker Posey’s Jennifer Jolie might not have died in Scream III after all (here), heck we even had Rose McGowan’s idea for a return of Tatum (here) and you’ll know I’ve long been obsessed with all the evidence of Matthew Lillard’s Stu Macher being alive and well (here), but this one is too much even for this hardcore fan.

One of the things that made Wes Craven’s Scream an overnight sensation was the opening kill in the original 1996 movie featuring Drew Barrymore’s Casey Becker.

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Casey was the first (on-screen) kill of the series and not only was it famous for killing off Barrymore, who many assumed was the star, in the opening minutes, it was a brutal scene with a shot of the aftermath (it’s here but it’s a gruesome shot) that left little doubt that gutted and hanged, Casey was dead. On top of this, her character is referred to as ‘murdered’ and ‘dead’ several times in the movie by police and other characters, so there’s not even a shadow of a doubt that she’s gone.

This leaves me wondering why, almost thirty years later, Barrymore herself is pondering if she could return to the franchise… I assume she’s kidding.

On her talk show, Barrymore was asked by guest Ross Matthews if she’d make a return to Woodsboro, should the opportunity arise and her answer was… unexpected.

“I asked you if maybe your character, maybe, survived,” he said. “You know, doctors can do amazing things! And you said, maybe there’s a chance she did survive. So, does this make you want to bring her back for Scream VII?”

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Barrymore’s reply was: “It’s funny. I’ve never thought of it this way, but I’m pretty sure a C-section is comparable to what happened to her.

“Like, literally. And I’m here! I’m fine! So, maybe Casey Becker will be okay.”

She added: “With good writing, you can make anything happen.”

I mean, let’s be honest, what happened Casey was much worse than a C-section and that’s not even counting the fact that she was stabbed in the chest and hung from a tree too, but I have to imagine this is tongue-in-cheek; whatever it is, I doubt very much that, not counting flashbacks and a de-aged Barrymore, we’ll ever see her back as Casey in the series again.


Thoughts? I want to hear them, gang.

Source: EW,

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