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FTN’s Video Game News #8

February 3rd, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher 1 Comment


This week I am trying something different for the news format.
My greatest fear is that the news becomes boring and news should never be boring. Yes all the facts should be there and you should be more informed at the end of it, at no point should you be wanting to look away though.

From time to time I read the news about subjects I am not at all interested in, I continue reading because of the awesome writing and the entertainment.
The thing is I don’t write this for me, I write it for you. I already have the information and am hereby passing it on to you, so before I start I’d like you lovely people to comment, tell me if you like the news in this format or do you prefer it in its older form?
Also I plan on eventually doing it through the power of video soon, would people like to see this?
Please let me know your thoughts and feelings.

Now onto the real reason you are reading this and that is the news.


The start of the year has always been a slow time for gaming news, it trickles downward like the beginning of a waterfall and by spring it is usually like a river rapids with news coming thick and fast.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Patches and New DLC


Call of Duty Black ops 2 saw some changed this week with the new multiplayer patch. It was all in aid of getting the game prepared for the new DLC ‘Revolution’ which was released on Tuesday.
The patch made some guns harder to use and essentially made all assault rifles better.
It has changed the dynamic of the multiplayer to such an extent I feel like I am relearning the game. I know many players aren’t happy about the changes made and wish Treyarch would pay more attention to the connection issues and lag compensation rather than changing the stats of some guns.
Me personally I’d like a little of both, change the guns up to keep it fresh and fix the bloody lag comp before someone has a coronary.

As I said previously the new DLC dropped this week and is looking quite good. DLC maps have a history of being less than good but it seems they have pulled out all stops to make this at least worth playing.
My favourites are Hydro and Grind, Hydro is a hydro-electric dam which is a very close quarter’s map, there is a flanking route underneath but at times it fills with water causing instant death to anyone standing there.
Grind is in a large skate park and as such has loads of half pipes and ramps, I just find it fun to come up with new ways to jump out on the enemy. Whether it be climbing up a half pipe and coming up behind them or hiding on top of a ramp.

And last but not least some kids in Sweden got a scare this week when the police turned up at their door.
They had been playing Black Ops 2 when one of them overreacted to being shot, he screamed “help me” and along with the sounds of gunfire created a scary situation for neighbours who overheard.
Soon the police were there and asking the boys to come outside, they gave the boys a warning and let them go back to playing. I’m sure this scared them so much neither will be talking much whilst playing a game from now on.


Possible Scott Pilgrim Vs.The World DLC


Scott Pilgrim vs. the world is not only a great comic series and movie but also a fairly decent game too.
It employs the old scrolling beat em up style of games like ‘Streets of Rage’ and ‘Goldenaxe’. It’s a fun game to play and follows the story quite well.
Back in 2010 (yeah that long ago) they spoke about DLC being released and allowing you to play multiplayer online with your cronies. Well talks of this have surfaced again and it seems on the 6th of February this might become a reality.
I for one would love to play this game with friends and with the added beauty of having a playable Wallace – Scott’s gay roommate well what more do you want. Let’s hope this rumour becomes a reality.


Grand Theft Auto V Held Back


Grand Theft Auto V has been held back from its original release of the spring until September 17th 2013. Seems like a giant leap back to me and the original story floating around the interweb was that Rockstar wanted more time to work on the game, but the newest rumour passed from person to person like some conspiracy from the X-files is that Rockstar are preparing the game for the next generation of consoles.
Let’s face it Rockstar aren’t a stupid company and it will take a long time for a new GTA to hit the shelves after number five is released. Why wouldn’t they want their product on the new consoles as well as the old ones?
It makes sense from a business point of view but as a buyer it begs the question what it will look and play better on.
After all as far as we know it was only created for your Xbox 360s, PS3’s and PC’s so will an upscaled port be badly put together or have Rockstar been planning this all along?


Injustice Gods Amoung Us Trailer And UK Exclusive


Injustice Gods Amount us new trailer hit this week, apart from having very odd looking costumes the game looks to be quite the epic. The storyline seems to be something along the lines of our favourite heroes and villains pitted against each other to save the earth, so you know basic comic book stuff.
There was also news that the UK edition will be released with a ‘Red Son’ skin for Superman and 20 additional missions.

The Red Son storyline involved an alternate timeline where Kal-El landed in Russia instead of America, growing up in a different place and being a different nation’s hero. It’s truly a great story and would be welcomed to the game.

Injustice Gods among us is a beat em up style game similar to Mortal Kombat, I’m not sure how these new missions will fit into the overall game but considering it is out in April we don’t have too long to wait.


PlayStation 4 Announcement Imminent?


Sony have put together a large news conference on February 20th 2013 to announce something big. No one knows exactly what but it seems pretty obvious that it will be an announcement of the PS4. Sony previously said they would wait until after Microsoft announce their new Xbox but they seem to have jumped the gun on this.
I just know I’m heavily excited to see what they are going to offer up on a next gen platter.


Bioshock Infinite City in the Sky Trailer


Lastly the new trailer for Bioshock Infinite popped up a few days ago, the trailer is named City in the Sky and shows us more of the game and the main characters. This game is just hyper styled and looks set to pop. March is going to be a great month for games and I can’t see Bioshock letting us down. It will be very different to what has come before it but seems to keep at least some of the feeling.
I sure as hell can’t wait to play it.


And that’s this week’s news, or what I found to at least be most interesting. If there is anything you think I missed or something you would like me to cover more of either comment on here, on Facebook, @nerdfollowing or @baldgamerdude on twitter.

I'm an LA journalist who really lives for his profession. I have also published work as Jane Doe in various mags and newspapers across the globe. I normally write articles that can cause trouble but now I write for FTN because Nerds are never angry, so I feel safe.